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The green bottle bead is gone, given to a friend at work. She's blond… - Fossil Hill Journal
December 23rd, 2007
07:24 pm


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The green bottle bead is gone, given to a friend at work. She's blond and her eyes are blue but she likes wearing green. We'd spent an evening mounting beads with Argentium wire and then gave them all away. Dark beads for darkly beautiful friends, light beads for lighter friends and middling beads for those in the middle.

My favorite bead was the mushroom we gave D. and that largely for the slogan which goes with it. "They keep us in the dark and feed us BS." S got a carrot bead, for her brightness, charm and witty sense of humor. E got the subtle bead as she is one who can appreciate it. (Sadly we'll probably never see her again though she's the favorite of any of the friends our youngest has ever had in his life. Or maybe so, who knows?)

We had a plague of coyotes last month. Ms. TK lost a dozen chickens in one night (they came through 2 fences and into the chicken house to get them) and then four guineas were picked off one each on the next four nights. Suddenly she's taken an interest in learning to shoot a shotgun.

We watched "Stardust" twice and I wrote a short story about the leprechaun I might have met in the woods last month while I was planting ginseng. I highly recommend reading Eddie Lenihan's recent book "Meeting the Other Crowd", which is a collection of Irish folk stories to explain what that means.

One of Eddie's favorite quotes is the one from the lead in to his 2006 NPR interview. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5286174

"If you were to suggest to most people today, that the fairies exist, you'd nearly be laughed at," Lenihan says. "I'll guarantee you that a few years, and I'll be alive to see it and you'll be alive to see it, and you won't be old, and I won't be old, that if you say you believe in God, you'll be laughed at. In this country at least it's almost come to that."

Otherwise life is the same as usual at the end of the road.

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Date:December 25th, 2007 07:38 pm (UTC)
It is good to see you here again!

Your bead gifts sound very thoughful - I am sure they will be treasured!

I believe in fairies, but I do not believe in god - univerisal balance, methinks...

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Date:December 26th, 2007 04:38 am (UTC)

Thanks! I like coming back from time to time.

I have been reading more than writing these days. Wikipedia editing has been taking more of my lounging time recently but I do like LJ.

This is what happens the older you get: You find you have too many projects and each one subtracts from the others and slows them down like putting up too many programs on a Windows computer.

I guess the operational question is not whether we believe in God but does He believe in us? I was shocked to read the real Irish folk tales. All that Disney crap just isn't true about the Good People. They are much harsher and crueler than you'd imagine, and in the stories it turns out they are really fallen angels or regular humans trapped for eternity in another plane. Eerie.
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Date:January 5th, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)

Re: Thanks! I like coming back from time to time.

It's true that the tales of yore have been watered down and candy-coated for today's society.

My mother being Danish, we grew up with all of my grandfather's old story books. The
Hans Christian Andersen stories were never the flossy stuff that you see in the Disney films - these characters exemplified the harsh realities and hard consequences of the human decision-making process. They weren't princesses in waiting, and the endings were not happy ones... And I prefer them that way.

I'm not curious to look into some of the Irish folklore you mentioned... Sounds fascinating!
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