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If its not one thing its another! - Fossil Hill Journal
September 9th, 2007
04:49 pm


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If its not one thing its another!
-or so said Rosanna Rosanna Danna, some years ago. I still don't have the workshop set up yet. Not that it matters because the yard is so dry that one stray spark from a forge could set all the woods on fire for a thousand acres. Its too hot to open the basement door for ventilation so I haven't done any glass beads in months.

But I've finished some dozen or so smaller and entirely unrelated projects, such as putting trailer hitches on the car and truck. They have simple instructions and the general time estimate to install them is an hour. Right. It takes an hour to put each one together, another hour to drill the holes and hang them under the vehicle and a final hour to adjust them and torque all the bolts. Plus additional time drilling and mounting the lighting adapters.

We still haven't gotten hay; all the farmers in the neighborhood who usually sell are clinging to what little they have cut for their own use. But I have fenced in more pasture, doubling the land available for the cows. I can double it again if needed, though pounding fence posts into dry ground is hard.

The only trouble with new pasture is that there is no such thing as a goatproof fence so the goats stay inside more by custom than anything else. If they are turned into the new pasture they don't have any custom regarding the new fence so will just ease on over right through it to eat the fruit trees.

Today I read one of the few Rheta Grimsley Johnson columns I've cared for in the twenty or so years I've followed her writing. She told of her trip up to Amish country and her observations about their agriculture and their other customs, especially their lack of cell phones. She isn't at the point of converting yet, but thinks the cell phone idea is a good one.

Somehow I think that Ms. TK would side with Rheta and balk at the idea of pulling out the electric wiring and and carrying water to use in the bathroom, but I suppose so I suppose we're stuck as non-Amish forever.

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