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Some catching up on the LJ - Fossil Hill Journal
May 24th, 2007
07:49 pm


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Some catching up on the LJ
Sunday we visited with D and J. D is a sixth generation stone cutter among other accomplishments. I don't have the words to describe some of the complex and amazing projects he's made using hand hewn sandstone. Probably the least complex is the quasi neolithic style rock shelter he's carved from a cliff face deep in the woods overlooking the river. I'd estimate he must have moved 300 tons of rock and twice that much dirt to have accomplished what looks like a cross between the ancient cliff dwellings of the Four Corners region and ruins of a Saxon castle. His projects make my little bit of road building look simple and easy to say the least.

He said the key to the whole thing is the quarrying device called a "feather wedge". I'd originally thought to make some when I get the forge up and going, but I found someone who sells them for $5.00, which is less than the cost of 2 gallons of gas. So I'll put this on the list of projects: break up some of the big stones up on the hillside and use them to cover that bare concrete block wall Ms. TK wants to rejuvenate. Here is a link from "This Old House" describing how feather wedges are used: Link

We officially started tearing down the barn Yesterday. Ms. TK told me why she finally understands how goats are the archetypal 'sinner' of Biblical metaphor.

Finnegan the goat was right there the whole time giving directions, inspecting each board we picked up (this was just cleaning up boards he'd knocked off in the first place!) and standing right in the middle of everything. He is entirely selfish and has no personal space at all.

(Photo of Finnegan 2 years, 14 inches of horn and 120 pounds ago)

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